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Vacuum Diatomite Filter Assemblies

Vacuum Diatomite Filter

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Assemblies for Pool, Municipal and Industrial Applications

MER-MADE Vacuum D.E. assemblies can be installed in space about 1/4 the size required for sand filters of the same capacity. In both operation and maintenance, the vacuum diatomite method is simpler to install, lower in cost and uses the least horsepower of any filter. MER-MADE Filter leaves heart of the filter assemblies are the patented MER-MADE filter leaves, which are fabricated of chemically inert, high impact styrene. MER-MADE filter leaves are rigid, strong and non-warping and feature a unique corrugated drainage pattern. The outlet and gasket assure a leak proof seal against the matching adapter on the filtered water discharge manifold. MER-MADE Polypropylene Filter Leaf Covers Made of woven linear polypropylene, the filter leaf cover is designed to lie completely flat on all points of the leaf for uniform precoating. Unlike tight weaves or solid felts, the polypropylene's slick surface allows quick cake discharge. The openness of the weave speeds cleaning. All edges are sealed to prevent unraveling. A polyester closure facilitates field replacement.

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