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Coolant Recycling has been a core focus of Sanborn Technologies for over 40 years. Our wide range of coolant recycling products will process the entire spectrum of today’s coolants from water soluble oil to semi-synthetic and pure synthetic coolants for even the toughest applications ranging from gross solids removal from hog grinding operations to ultra fine honing.

Sanborn Coolant recycling systems have the capability of providing both two-phase or three-phase separation for tramp oil removal and particle removal down to 5-micron or less. Our coolant recycling systems can also be equipped with coolant chillers, hydrocyclones, magnetic separators, multi-pass process tanks equipped with clean coolant supply pumps, control valves and automated coolant make-up devices as well.

Portable coolant recycling systems are available as well for sump to sump processing and ease of machine tool sump servicing and replenishment.

Turbo Centrifuges

The Sanborn Turbo Centrifuges provide a wide range of system configurations and versatility from dedicated centrifuges to custom systems complete with tanks, pumps, chillers and automated controls.

LiquaPac HS Centrifuges

Sanborn Technologies’ modular LiquaPac HS Centrifuges offer low cost solutions with highly robust and reliable two-phase vertical basket centrifuges equipped with durable plastic liners for ease of solids removal.

High-Speed Disc Centrifuges

Sanborn’s high-speed Disc Centrifuge Systems provide the best possible separation technology when removal of fine solids or oil contamination is critical.

Custom Engineered Recycling Systems

Most of our integrated centrifuge systems are available in pre-configured system including tanks, pumps and process controls.

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