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Turbo Centrifuge Systems

Sanborn Technologies is an exclusive agent for Turbo-Separator AG for the North American Market. The Turbo Centrifuge components are manufactured at the Turbo-Separator AG facility located in Switzerland and imported to the Sanborn Technologies facility located in Walpole, Massachusetts.

The Turbo Centrifuges are the highest quality vertical basket centrifuges on the marketplace today and are engineered designed and crafted with the precision of a Swiss Watch. The Turbo Centrifuge Systems have a number industrial applications such as;

There are many options available such as integrated tank systems, coolant chillers, centralized coolant recycling and fluid purification systems, clean coolant return pumps, fully automated self-cleaning centrifuge systems and many others.

Replacement parts for the Turbo Centrifuges are in stock and readily available for every machine sold in the USA. Technical and field service is just a phone call away. Preventative maintenance programs available as well.

  • Coolant Recycling
  • Oil Purification
  • Fluid Recycling
  • Optical Glass Grinding
  • Glass Edge Grinding and Fabrication
  • Ceramics and Composites Grinding
  • Paint Booth Processes
  • Phosphate Solution Recycling
  • Parts Washer Applications
  • Gallium Arsenide
  • Wire Drawing
  • Laundry Processes
  • Vibratory Deburring
  • Silica Wafer Cutting and Grinding
  • Stone Cutting and Grinding
  • Biofuel and Oil Production
  • Sludge Processing and Dewatering
  • Wastewater Clarification

Turbo Centrifuge Systems

Turbo Two-Phase Manual Centrifuges

The Manually Cleaned Turbo two-phase Centrifuge Systems are designed for “liquid/solids” separation of oils and water-based fluids with low to moderate solids loading for fluid recycling purification.

Turbo Three-Phase Manual Centrifuges

Sanborn Technologies provides manually cleaned Turbo Centrifuges that are designed for three phase separation to provide coolant recycling and removal of tramp oils as well as the separation and removal of fine particles, swarf, suspended solids, etc.

Turbo Self-Cleaning Centrifuges

The Turbo Automated Self-Cleaning Centrifuge Systems are designed to operate at speeds in excess of 2,000 RPM for maximum fluid recycling performance and particle removal efficiencies.

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