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In 1978, Sanborn Technologies pioneered the art of recycling machine tool coolants and oils using high-speed centrifugation. Since then, we have continued to improve our systems and have formed international alliances to bring our customers the best technologies available. Our expertise in coolant recycling spans the use of small centrifuges and coalescers to large central systems in some of the largest manufacturing plants in the world. With our international trade partners including, Turbo Separator (Switzerland), Freddy Products (UK), and NOXON (Sweden), we are able to offer our clients the best technologies for the most challenging applications.

Our innovative system designs and deep experience of centrifugal technology process application covers a broad spectrum of products including automatic solids discharging centrifuges, three-phase oil separating centrifuges, a large selection of manual clean-out liquid/solid centrifuges and continuous solids discharge decanters. Experts in separation technologies, our product offering includes coalescers, sump cleaners/filters and advanced membrane filtration systems. For closed loop and zero discharge projects we have the engineering expertise along with the products to make your project a reality. If you have a separation problem, we have the products and experience to solve it.

Sanborn Technologies has a manufacturing area that is 12,800 sq. ft. equipped with a gantry crane, fabrication area and a full stock of inventory for our centrifuge and membrane filtration systems.  At Sanborn, we design, manufacture all of our Centrifuge and Membrane Filtration Systems.  The systems are all and tested prior to shipment to assure a high success rate during equipment commissioning and system start-up. Other manufacturer's equipment are integrated into our Systems as required.

Engineering Experience

Our Process Application and Design Engineers are experts in centrifugal and membrane filtration technology. We are available to work on your particular application, whether it requires a custom system or a simple off-the-shelf solution. At Sanborn Technologies we know separation. Our staff of engineers include Chemical and Mechanical Engineers with expertise in processes and equipment application and the ability to meet your needs with the right products for your project.

Extensive Capabilities

Sanborn Technologies maintains bench scale laboratory facilities and a full compliment of test equipment for on-site piloting. Supported by our service department, our testing programs ensure proper equipment selection and provide application specific data for designing custom systems. When you purchase a product from Sanborn Technologies you not only get the engineering expertise that ensures the right product for the right application, you get the service expertise and commitment to keep your equipment operating reliably.

North American Filtration

Sanborn Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of North American Filtration which is a family of companies that specialize in filtration products and technology.

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