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Fiberglass surge tanks are superior to any other material because it is extremely corrosion resistant.Surge tanks are generally required on gutter pools to allow a “storage” space for water displaced by swimmers. The preferred arrangement is to hold-back (“modulate”) the water from the main drain pipe so that water entering the gutters can flow to the surge tank and not back up in the pool. This is done with a float ball control on a butterfly type valve mounted on the main drain line. Modulating the main drain line insures that the debris that normally accumulates on the surface of the pool will be swept quickly to the filters. The schematics below show the general arrangement of various type surge systems. The surge tank can be a built in place concrete vault or a closed top tank, vented to a point above pool water level. It is also common to find vacuum D.E. filter components installed in a field constructed concrete tank which also acts as a surge tank. The volume of water that can be stored in the space between the normal water level in the surge tank and the pool water level is the surge capacity of the tank.

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