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Manual Clean Centrifuges

Turbo Separators are manufactured with the highest quality and the most advanced engineering designs in the industry. Features such as our self-draining bowls and quick release covers ensure easy operation. The Turbo manual clean centrifuge is available as a standard 2-Phase Separator or an advanced 3-Phase Separator.

Turbo T6

Small but versatile, the Turbo T6 can process coolant and oils up to 10 gpm. The standalone unit includes a hinged cover and a skimmer pickup for liquid discharge under pressure. [link to dedicated page]

Turbo T7

The Turbo T7 is the same size bowl and processing capacity as a Turbo T6, but also includes a self-draining bowl for drier solids.

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Turbo T10

The Turbo T10 includes a self-draining bowl, can process fluids at rates of 10-20 gpm and has a sludge volume of approximately 1.3 gallons.

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Turbo T14

The T14 is a revolutionary design using an integral feed pump and skimmer discharge. This compact design can process fluids up to 40 gpm and has a sludge volume of over 2 gallons.

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Turbo T22

The T22 is "high solids" separator with a bowl configuration similar to the T14. This design is the workhorse of our manual designs, with flow rates up to 30 gpm and a large sludge volume of up to 3 gallons.

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Turbo 3-Phase Separators

Many of our Turbo separators are available in 3-phase configurations. The most common use for the 3-phase Turbo separator in for liquid-liquid (oil/water) separations where solids are present.

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Integrated Central Systems

All Turbo manual clean centrifuges are available as packaged systems with tanks, pumps and chillers.

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