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Pioneer IFR System

Integrated Fluid Recycling System for Centralized Fluid Systems

The Sanborn Pioneer IFR is a Fully Integrated Fluid Recycling Centrifuge System that is the best available technology metal working coolant recycling and fluid purification. The heart of the Pioneer System is a Mitsubishi self-discharging high-speed disc centrifuge provided for the removal of metal fines and solids down to ≤1-micron range and tramp oil removal down to ≤0.0025%. These systems are excellent to process coolant from either a set of customer-supplied tanks or to process from centralized coolant systems on a “slip stream” dialysis basis.

Process Description

The Pioneer System is equipped with a hydrocyclone pre-clarifier to remove gross solids and minimize loading on the centrifuge.  The pre-clarified coolant is then directed to an economizer to preheat the water-soluble coolant prior to entering a immersion electric heat chamber or pasteurizer where the coolant is heated to 165° F to sterilize the coolant and kill any bacteria and/or fungal growth. The heated coolant is then directed to the centrifuge where an efficient three-phase separation occurs at 9,000-g’s of centrifugal force occurs to remove tramp oil and metal fines, swarf and particulate matter, etc. to ≤1-micron range.The purified coolant is then directed to the economizer to after-cool the coolant and provide thermal exchange to the incoming coolant to reduce the BTUs consumed by 50% during the pre-heating process

The Mitsubishi self-discharging centrifuge will undergo a period self-cleaning mode where the captured solids ae ejected and the centrifuge disc stack is subjected to a clean water flush prior to being placed back on-line.  The entire centrifuge processing and self-discharging process is fully automated to minimize operator attention in as much as possible. The separated tramp oil is directed to a 55-gallon drum for further processing or reclamation by a used oil recycling service.


  • Fully automated high-speed centrifuge process applying 9,000 g’s of centrifugal force
  • Efficient high-speed disc centrifuge process to maximize coolant recycling and minimize spent coolant disposal costs
  • Hydrocyclone pre-clarification to reduce solids loading on the centrifuge and thermal pasteurization process
  • Immersion Heater provided for Thermal Pasteurization to maintain biological control and prevent premature coolant degradation. Alternatively, for oil based fluids, the immersion heater reduces the viscosity of the oil for increased separation efficiency of the centrifugal oil purification process
  • Reduced viscosity increases separation efficiency to the highest attainable levels unparalleled in the industry today
  • Economizer to increase thermal efficiency by 50%
  • Tramp Oil Separation and removal to <0.0025%
  • Solid Particulate Removal down to ≤1-micron range
  • Optional Portable Pioneer System design to allow movement within a large facility service multiple centralized coolant systems
  • Optional coolant make-up capabilities
  • Also available in coolant


  • Dramatic Direct Cost Savings
    • Reduce fluid waste disposal costs up to 99%
    • Reduce new fluid purchases by up to 95%
  • Improved Quality and Productivity
    • Purifies Coolant within Centralized Coolant Systems
    • Improve tool

Pioneer System Models and Relative Capacities

Pioneer SJ 700

 ~2 GPM Coolant/~3 GPM Oil

Pioneer SJ10T

 ~6 GPM Coolant/~8 GPM Oil

Pioneer SJ15T

~10 GPM Coolant/~12 GPM Oil

Pioneer SJ20T

~14 GPM Coolant/~16 GPM Oil

Pioneer SJ25T

~15 GPM Coolant/~18 GPM Oil

Pioneer SJ30T

~20 GPM Coolant/~24 GPM Oil

Pioneer SJ40T

~30 GPM Coolant/~36 GPM Oil

Pioneer SJ40T

~40 GPM Coolant/~48 GPM Oil

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Note: The actual capacity of the Pioneer IFR System will vary depending of the fluid being processed and the % contamination of the fluid processed.

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