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Freddy Portable Sump Cleaners

Freddy Ecovac Sump Cleaner

Portable coolant recycling for under $10K

The Freddy Ecovac stands out in a crowed field of sump cleaners as the only available system that can simultaneously suction, filter and return cleaned coolant in one continuous operation. Primarily designed to recycle coolant from machine tool sumps, the Ecovac is versatile enough to clean machine beds, drip trays, conveyors and even shop floors with the dedicated floor tool.

Easy to Operate

The Freddy Ecovac operates a continuous cycle of suction, filtration and discharge, using dedicated pumps for suction and discharge. Solids are collected in a removable lined basket for easy disposal or recycling. Since fluid is returned to the sump at the same time it is being filtered, the Ecovac can process tank volumes much large than the Ecovac itself. This is a feature unique to the Freddy Ecovac.

Key Features

  • Recycles coolant and extends coolant life
  • Enhances coolant performance and production quality
  • Significantly reduces coolant usage
  • Improves and extends tool life
  • Extensively cuts waste disposal costs
  • Removes contaminants that cause bacterial growth

General Specifications

  • 200 lt. (50 gal.) or 300 lt. (80 gal.) tank capacity
  • Finished in oil and acid resistant powder coated paint
  • 10 gal. perforated steel filter basket
  • Disposable and reusable basket liners from 1µ to 1000µ
  • Complete with full set of tools and hoses.


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