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UFV250 Ultrafiltration System

Membrane Filtration System For Small Liquid Volumes

The UFV250T is a compact ultrafiltration system for the waste minimization. These systems are ideal for the disposal of oily wastewaters including spent metalworking coolants, mop water and compressor blow-down. The UFV250T is also widely used for purification of aqueous fluids containing fine solids as found in burnishing and vibratory finishing operations.

The UFV250T employs 1/2” tubular ultrafiltration membrane technology to separate water from suspended solids and emulsified oils. These systems can reduce wastewater by as much as 98% without the use of chemical additives such as flocculent. Effluent is typically discharged directly to sewer, dramatically reducing waste disposals costs.

Sanborn’s innovative design allows the use of the UFV250T for high-solids applications without messy and expensive prefiltration. The UFV250 can produce a reusable water product for applications such as recycling parts washer fluid, recycling vibratory compound or floor mopping.

    Self-Contained Packaged System
  • • Easy Installation with limited manpower
  • • System delivered pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-tested
  • • System is easily expandable to double processing capacity

    Simple and Efficient Operation
  • • Polymeric membrane is insensitive to chemical concentration in wastewater streams
  • • Verticle seal-less pumps can handle highly abrasive solids
  • • 1/2" tubular membranes allow processing of high solids wastewater
    Dramatic Direct Cost Savings
  • • Reduce wastewater volumes by up to 98%
  • • Recyled fluids saves the costs of new fluid purchases

    Simple Operation and Reliable Performance
  • • Operates with a single pump and no chemical additives
  • • Membranes provide a positive barrier between process and the environment
  • 10-HFM-251-UVP 5-HFM-251-UVP