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Web-Only Freddy EcoVac Promotion-

       ** Free Two Week In Plant Trial **

The Freddy EcoVac - Simple, yet Powerful

The Freddy Ecovac is a unique electric sump cleaner/filter that uses vacuum for suction and an independent pump for discharging the fluid back to the sump. This design allows personnel to suction a sump, filter and return clean coolant in one continuous operation at up to 35 gpm - a real time saver.

The standard EcoVac 200 (50 gallon tank) comes complete with a variety of suction tools, 20 feet of 110/1/60 electric cord and a standard 200 micron reusable and 10 micron disposable filter bag. Prices start at $8,495.

** See our Free Offer for the Freddy Tramp Oil Separator **

Complete our web order form or call 508-660-9150 and ask for the "Freddy Web Special".