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Turbo T40-3 Automatic Centrifuge

Automatic 3-Phase Separator

With the same high solids capacityof Turbo T40-2, the 3-phase T40-3 adds additional application capabilities. The Turbo T40-3 efficiently removes tramp oil from contaminated coolants while handling large volumes of sollids on a continual basis. With fully automatic controls, the Turbo T40-3 can be operated with almost no operator attention.

And custom engineered scraper blades means we can match scraper performance to the type of solids- whether the solids compact hard like glass, or form a sticky paste like certain paint solids. The T-18 can be supplied as a standalone unit (shown to the left), in the standard 2-Phase configuration, or combined with additional process equipment in one of our Custom Turbo Systems.

Typical Applications

  • • Water-Soluble Coolants
  • • Semi-Synthetic Coolants
  • • Synthetic Coolants
Design Features
  • • Proprietary Drain Nozzles
  • • Quick Stop Dynamic Braking
  • • Custom Designed Scraper Blades

  • • High Bowl Speed Guarantees Maximum Separation Efficiency
  • • The Turbo T40 Uses No Consumable Media
  • • High Speed Dewatering Reduces Solids Disposal Volume