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Turbo T40 Automatic Centrifuge

High Sludge Volume Separator

The Turbo T40 picks up where the T18 leaves off by doubling the solids capacity- to almost 2 gallons per cycle. The T40 includes proprietary nozzles that allow solids dewatering at high speeds.

A geared scraper drive for solids discharge ensures long term reliability. And custom engineered scraper blades means we can match scraper performance to the type of solids- whether the solids compact hard like glass, or form a sticky paste like certain paint solids.

The T-40 can be supplied as a standalone unit, in a 3-Phase configuration, or combined with additional process equipment in one of our Custom Turbo Systems.

Typical Applications
  • • Metal Cutting and Grinding
  • • Ceramic and Glass Grinding
  • • Paint Booth Water Curtains
  • • Waste Oil Clarification
  • • Zinc and Iron Phosphate Baths
  • • Vibratory and Tumbling Wastes
Features and Benefits
  • • High Bowl Speed for Maximum Separation Efficiency
  • • Uses No Consumable Media
  • • High Speed Dewatering Reduces Solids Disposal Volumes