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Turbo T15 Automatic Centrifuge

Removes Grinding Solids from Coolants or Oils

The Turbo-Separator T15-2 is a versatile automatic solids discharging centrifuge that recycles grinding and polishing fluids by removing the 1 - 10 micron particles entrained in the fluid. The centrifuge has a process rate of up to 25 GPM with a solids removal rate of up to 200 pounds/shift of sludge or swarf. Systems are designed for use with a single CNC or in-line with a large central manufacturing cell.

Automatic controls are used to sequence the process and allow unattended operation. The discharged solids are dry due to a unique bowl design and high rotational speeds. The T15-2 is PLC controlled and includes an easy to use digital interface and sensors for monitoring operating parameters including bearing wear, centrifuge speed and sludge discharge.

The T15 can be supplied as a standalone unit (shown above), or combined with additional process equipment in one of our Custom Turbo Systems.

Typical Applications
  • • Metal Cutting and Grinding
  • • Ceramic and Glass Grinding
  • • Recycle Polishing and Finishing Fluids
  • • Dewater Vibratory and Tumbling Wastes

Design Features
  • • Proprietary Drain Nozzles
  • • Quick Stop Dynamic Braking
  • • Custom Designed Scraper Blades

  • • High Bowl Speed Guarantees Maximum Separation Efficiency
  • • The Turbo T15 Uses No Consumable Media
  • • High Speed Dewatering Reduces Solids Disposal Volume