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Turbo T14-3P Separator

Portable System for Coolant Recycling

The Turbo T14-3P is a complete coolant purification system designed for high-solids metalworking and ceramic applications such as aerospace, medical, automotive and electronics. Operating sump-to-sump, the T14-3P separates tramp oils and solids while continuously returning cleaned coolant to the machine tool's sump.

The heart of the T14-3P is the high efficiency Turbo-Separator. With a rotational speed of 3,000 RPM, the T14-3P couples high G forces with a large 22 pound rotor capacity to remove solids down to 2 micron and tramp oils to 0.5%. Oil is decanted to an integrated tank, and up to 22 pounds of solids are collected in an easy to clean, self-draining liner.

Typical Applications

  • • Metal Turning, Milling and Grinding
  • • Ceramic and Glass Grinding
  • • Polishing, Lapping and Honing
  • • Purification of Rinse Waters
  • • Recycling of Vibratory and Tumbling Fluids

Features and Benefits

  • • High Bowl Speed for Maximum Separation Efficiency
  • • Remove Solids Down to 2 micron
  • • Remove Tramp Oil Down to 0.5%
  • • Uses No Consumable Media
  • • Completely Integrated System Including Feed Pump
  • • Self-Draining, Easy Clean Bowl Liner