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Turbo T10-3-315 Coolant Recycling System

High Solids Capacity Centrifugal System

The T10-3-315 is a complete centrifuge system that removes solids and tramp oil from coolants. The high speed Turbo T10-3phase centrifuge is integrated with a balanced tank system complete with pumps and controls for smooth operation with minimal labor.

Dirty coolant is transported to the 150 gallon dirty tank for processing. The centrifuge cleans the coolant and discharges it into the clean tank, while tramp oil is separated into an integral oil tank. Solids are removed periodically via a large easy-to-clean liner. Components include a 3 phase centrifuge, dirty and clean holding tanks, transfer and feed pumps, an automated coolant make-up system and automatic valves and controls.


  • • High speed bowl operating at 3450 RPM, generating 1180 G’s
  • • Unique bowl design for ease of solids removal
  • • Uses no consumable media
  • • Complete packaged system with automatic coolant make-up, tanks and pumps


  • • Increased production quality and consistency
  • • Reduced new coolant purchases
  • • Reduced disposal volume of reusable coolant
  • • Reduced machine tool sump maintenance and labor costs
  • • Reduced tooling costs