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Freddy Products

Simple, Economical and Effective Sump Cleaning Devices

All Freddy sump cleaners separate solids such as swarf from liquids. These units are easy to handle yet very powerful in use. Used in cleaning, spill control, fluid filtration and coolant handling, they will minimize machine tool downtime, while reducing production and disposal costs.
Sump Cleaning and Filtering Systems


The Freddy Ecovac operates a continuous cycle of suction, filtration, recycling and discharge, collecting the swarf and solids in a separate interceptor for easy disposal. Since the machine tool can continue to operate, there is no loss of production and the whole cycle is completed in less time than with any competitive product. Prices start at $8,495

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Tramp Oil Separators


Freddy TOS

The Freddy Tramp Oil Separator removes tramp oil and impurities from coolants and fluids in a variety of applications. Your machine tool can remain in operation while the Freddy TOS cleans the sump continuously, thus eliminating downtime. The Freddy Mini-Tramp Oil Separator is now available for smaller applications. Both versions are available as electric or air operated units with UV filters to eliminate bacterial growth. Prices start at $6,200
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