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IFR System Flow Schematic

How it works -
  • 1. Dirty coolant enters the system from a dirty coolant sump or holding tank.
  • 2. Large particulate is removed through a screen basket on the re-circulating loop.
  • 3. Coarse solids are removed by a hydrocyclone (Pioneer and Patriot systems).
  • 4. Hydraulic agitation from the re-circulation loop keeps tramp oil in suspension.
  • 5. In-line heater improves separation and provides pasteurization for biological control.
  • 6. High-speed disc centrifuge removes tramp oil and fine solids.
  • 7. In-line heat exchanger cools clean coolant and pre-heats incoming dirty coolant.
  • 8. Automatic make-up system provides new coolant and water at correct proportions.