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Web-Only Freddy TOS Promotion-

       ** Free Two Week In Plant Trial **

The Freddy Tramp Oil Separator

The Freddy Tramp Oil Separator removes tramp oil and impurities from coolants and fluids in a variety of applications. Typical applications include machine tool sumps, aqueous parts washers and process fluids from quench tanks.

The Freddy TOS is designed to run continuously while the machine tool is in operation, thus eliminating downtime. Special packed media is used to filter free tramp oil from contaminated coolant. Coalescing oil is continually skimmed off into a separate waste container while clean coolant is recycled back to the process tank.

The Freddy TOS is available in two configurations- electric powered or air operated. Both units are available with a UV option to eliminate bacterial growth. Prices start at $6,200.

Complete our web order form or call 508-660-9150 and ask for the "Freddy Web Special".