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Manual Clean LiquaPac Centrifuges

A proven design with proven performance

The LiquaPac HS is our general use, manual clean centrifuge with a broad installation base. Unlike competitive low-cost designs, the LiquaPac is engineered for performance. With a feed acceleration and a self-draining bowl, the LiquaPac HS outperforms similar sized basket-type centrifuges. Our unique modular designs provide off-the-shelf availability in a flexible format.



The TMC LiquaPac HS is a compact centrifuge mounted on a uni-base complete with a drive motor and controls. The most common installation for the TMC LiquaPac is on existing customer tanks.



The RCS is our most common version of the LiquaPac HS manual clean centrifuge. Complete with feed and supply pumps, our unique clean/dirty tank system allows closed loop processing without the need for level controls.


The LDC LiquaPac HS is designed for machine tools that have an existing sump. Dirty fluid from the cutting or grinding table will flow directly into the dirty tank of the LDC under the centrifuge. An integrated feed pump lifts the fluid into the centrifuge where the coolant or oil is cleaned and then gravity flows into the existing sump to be returned to the cutting surface. The existing sump is transformed into a clean (only) tank improving the quality of the separated fluid.

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